Martin Simpson is an award-winning illustrator based in the UK.
Clients he has worked for include:
Templar Publishing
, Puffin Books, The House of Books, Scholastic, The Chicken House Publishing, FHM Magazine, Solipsistic Pop Books, Image Comics and Frito Lay.
His comics have appeared in:
The Thought Bubble Anthology' (Image Comics), 'Solipsistic Pop'
(Solipsistic Pop Books)
'C'est Bon Anthology' (C’est Bon Kultur) and
The British Showcase
Anthology (Markosia Comics).

In 2015 Martin successfully Kickstarted his own book
'Misc Anthology' to critical acclaim...

‘A truly beautiful collection of lovingly crafted stories that are each full
of bold artwork and dark humour... 10/10!'
Andrew Musk, Starburst Magazine

‘Sometimes you see a style of storytelling that is so distinct and different from anything
else out there that you have to stop and just admire what’s going on.’

Steve Morris, Comics Alliance

‘…stunning painted artwork and a story that’s more evocative in one page than many
might manage in an entire issue… Martin Simpson provides jaw-dropping imagery.’

Rich Johnson, Bleeding Cool

‘It’s bloody gorgeous! It really holds attention. The man’s got a fine, fine voice.’
Roger Hart, Consequential Podcast

For commissions, quotes or further information please email simo@martinsillustration.com
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